Tesla Gigafactory in Lithuania

It took two years to build the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, in Lithuania it took two days.

Tesla loves Lithuania Gigafactory 2 pitch

On February 3rd, 2017 Tesla tweeted:

Inspired by Elon Musk’s revolutionary Gigafactory – a first of its kind battery cell production facility in the Nevada desert- a community of enterprising young gamers in Lithuania have taken it on themselves to go one better. To replicate the Gigafactory in two days, instead of the two years the Nevada facility took to build. The project paved the way to Tesla’s heart.

Elon Musk took notice of the project with a cryptic-as-usual one-word tweet: “Minecraft” along with a photo of an underground tunnel. Multitasking as always, Musk probably expressed his appreciation for the creative project combined with a tidbit about The Boring Company and his plans to dig a tunnel from SpaceX to LAX.

spacex lax tunnel

We accepted Musk's challenge: SpaceX to LAX Tunnel

As part of his dream of a traffic-free future, Elon Musk has been talking for a while now about boring a tunnel under Los Angeles from the HQ of his SpaceX company to LAX, the city’s airport. That was inspiration enough for us to follow up on the Minecraft Tesla Gigafactory project and build the tunnel as well. We did it in two days. In Minecraft. Again.

Behind the scenes

Beneath the masks of Minecraft characters are actual people who worked day and night to complete the Gigafactory within the ambitious timeframe of two days. Watch the behind-the-scenes video to see and hear a few of them talking about the project.

Photos by Lukas Balandis (15 min) and Arnas Strumila